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Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur and ecotourism

Ecotourism and Nicaragua

Nicaragua has 3 main region known for ecotoursm - the Pacific region, Central region and Atlantic region. Nicaragua has 78 protected areas representing 20 percent of it landmass, 7% of the world's biodiversity, home to Bosawas in Northern Nicaragua with the largest rainforest north of the Amazon, the largest lake in Central America, Lake Cocibolca with tourists flocking to Ometepe, a large volcanic island formed by two volcanoes in Lake Cocibolca, Charco Verde Nature Reserve which boasts of great diversity of flora and fauna, has some 700 species of birds, more species of trees, birds, and insects than all of Europe put together plus many areas with claims to unspoiled natural beauty.

In addition to these, Nicaragua has one of the lowest crime rate in Latin America and what may consider an additional attraction, still the least visited country in the Central America.

Popular cities in Nicaragua

While the colonial city of Granada was rated the most popular city for tourist by the Ministry of Tourism of Nicaragua, other popular cities include León, Masaya, Rivas and San Juan del Sur.

San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur sunset and fishing boats photo uploaded to Flickr by Bruce Thomson

San Juan del Sur, a fishing town, is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in south-west Nicaragua at a crescent-shaped bay. It is only 1 1/2 hours from the colonial city of Granada. San Juan del Sur popular with tourists as it has many beautiful beaches which are great for deep sea fishing, surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling. For those who do not like crowds, this is paradise.

If you prefer land based activities, you can go hiking to the volcanic hilltops which on a clear day, you can get spectacular views all the way to Costa Rica. Or just enjoy the San Juan del Sur’s carefree Pacific lifestyle, nap in a hammock, woof down sea food fresh from the fishing boats, watch sea turtles waddle lay eggs at nearby La Flor beach in late autumn.

Accommodation in Nicaragua, San Jan del Sur

Because of low tourist traffic, you can enjoy bargain vacation at San Juan del Sur. For accommodation, there are many comfortable Nicaragua Hotels and San Juan del Sur Hotel. For more information on its location, surf ove to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. May I wish you an enjoyable vacation at San Juan del Sur.


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