23 pri 2008

Paros, Greece and ecotourism

Facts about Paros, Greece

Paros, a Greek island belonging to one of the Cyclades island group and a very popular tourism destination. There is a Municipality of Paros and this municipality is not a single spot but spread over numerous islets.

If you are a lover of beaches, Paros has plenty of them including Pounda, Naousa bay, Chrissí Aktí, Logaras, Parikía, Piso Livadi and Agía Irini. Windsurfers will also find Paros an ideal target for their visits as in some areas, there are constant strong winds.

But look at the beautiful natural scenery with beautiful flowers in the photo below (if only I can smell them):

Parikia, Paros, Greece
Photo of Parikia, Paros in Greece is property of Ethan Lindsey

Wonder if touring narrow paved streets, two stored white houses, old churches and windmills without damaging the environment plus experiencing the local cultural heritage while minimizing the negative aspects of tourism on the environment can be considered as ecotourism. If so, then Paros definitely can qualify as a destination for ecotourism.

Whatever your opinions are, you will need accommodation, and the most convenient and environmentally friendly way of searching for suitable accommodation is searching for them ahead of arrival online at websites like Paros hotels in Greece. I for one would not like to waste precious tourist time, energy and if I use motorized vehicle to go round hunting for accommodation, precious, increasingly expensive and rapidly depleting fossil fuel to hunt for them.


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