24 jan 2008

Australia, a unique Island Continent

Australia is so isolated from the rest of the world that it is no surprise it has very unique flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. It also have an amazing huge reef - the world famous Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef system,with about 3,000 reefs and 900 islands stretching for 2,600 kilometers. It is the only single structure of living organisms visible from outer space and supports a wide diversity of life. The Great Barrier Reef was granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981.

Australia has an association for ecotourism, the Ecotourism Association of Australia (EAA) and the Wildlife Tourism Australia (WTA).

Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia

Burleigh Heads is an suburb of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. There are nature parks in Burleigh Heads such as the David Fleay Wildlife Park which have many native Australian animals living in habitates as close to their natural habitats as possible. Another one is the Mount Cougal Springbrook National Park featuring spectacular waterfalls and luxuriant rainforest,and if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the world's largest skink, the land mullet. Other parks in the area include the David Fleay Wildlife Park where you can see unusual native animals and the Burleigh Head National Park 81 km southeast of Brisbane.

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Coolangatta, Queensland

Photo of Coolangatta and TweedHeads, Australia, from the air
Photo of Coolangatta and TweedHeads from the air is property of Tim

Coolangatta is a border town between Queensland and New South Wales. Its economy is based mainly on a thriving fishing industry, seafood restaurants, holiday clubs and retirement place for both states. Ecotourism can be found in Coolangatta's hinterland. There are company offering sustainable eco-tour on bicycles in the Tweeds Heads/Coolangatta region, promising a fantastic ride with magnificent scenery, taste bush tucker produce and subtropical fruits, watch native wildlife, see fresh coffee grown and roasted sample native macadamia nut plantations and learn about early settlers.

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Manly, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Manly is a suburb of Brisbane, Australia located about 16 kilometer east of Brisbane, capital of Queensland. It lies to the west of Moreton Bay.

Manly Cabbage Tree Bay had been declared a "No Take" (meaning take nothing except photographs, no fishing, destroying of marine life, even collect alive or dead organism including empty shells) Aquatic Reserve on 31st March 2002 to help conserve the Bays natural aquatic habitats, processes and unique biodiversity for sustainable use and future generation's enjoyment. The Manly Cabbage Tree Bay Eco-Sculpture Walk has been organized to give visitors to the area a view into Cabbage Tree Bay's unique animals, plants, marine life, history and attractions. You can get to Manly Cabbage Tree Bay Eco-Sculpture Walk by walking along Marine Parade from either Manly or Shelly Beach. The Manly Council have arranged for brochures and further information for visitors from the Manly Visitor Information Center or the Manly Environment Center.

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Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Photo of sunset over Byron Bay Australia
Photo of sunset over Byron Bay is property of Aidan Beanland

Byron Bay is a town in New South Wales and is the eastern most point of the Australian mainland, 140 kilometer south of Brisbane and 600 kilometer north of Sydney and. Byron Bay is also well known for its wildlife and whale watching. You can take day mountain biking tours to the finest and most spectacular places various World Heritage Parks and Rainforests of Byron Bay's hinterland and enjoy panoramic views from rocky volcanic plateaus, visit deep gorges, lakes, waterfalls, and lush sub-tropical rainforests full of wildlife. Learn about various animal species such as fruit doves, small marsupials, koalas and tree frogs.

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