31 korr 2013

Earth Friendly Traveling

Earth Friendly Traveling

I am a very Earth conscious guy, and I always try to do whatever possible in order to reduce my carbon footprint. I follow this same philosophy when I travel. Just because you are enjoying a trip doesn’t mean that you can’t be green. The following are some tips that you can use in order to have a great trip while reducing your carbon footprint.

Before Your Trip

You can do a lot of things to reduce energy consumption before you even embark on your trip. For example, when you are booking your trip, try to book a flight that does not have any layovers. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and fuel for an aircraft to take off from the airport, so a trip that has a couple of stops increases your carbon footprint dramatically.

Additionally, more weight on the airplane causes more fuel use, so make sure to pack light. Take a little time to check out the weather at your destination and pack accordingly. Pack what you know you will need to enjoy your trip, not necessarily what you think you might need. For example, if you are going to a destination of colder weather, pack just one jacket instead of multiple. Obviously, if just one person does this it won’t make too much of a difference, however if more and more passengers start packing this way, it will quickly add up to make a difference! Aside from helping the environment, there are a few added benefits to you, including: less baggage to carry around and as you will avoid paying baggage fees for having multiple or heavy bags.

During Your Trip

It is easy to be Earth friendly during your trip. Just do what you do at home and you will be set. For example, eat at local restaurants and shop at local stores. This helps support the local community and economy and reduces the need for food and goods to be shipped in from far away! By engaging in the local community, you support locally owned businesses, restaurants, and markets.

If you are going to rent a car, rent a fuel-efficient vehicle or hybrid, they are the way to go. This will minimize your energy consumption and make you one of the greenest travelers around. Popular mid-size sedans like an Altima can get 38 mpg on the highway. If you need a bigger SUV for your family vacation, consider the fact that GMC, for example, offers SUVs with hybrid power trains. A gasoline engine teams up with an electric motor. The big improvement is in city driving, where EPA ratings are often as good in the city as they are on the highway. Imagine a full-size SUV getting 22 or 23 mpg, even in the city.

Green Destinations

Upstate New York is a terrific destination for carbon conscious travelers. There is beautiful scenery to be found in the Finger Lakes Region. This region is full of the most gorgeous and pristine lakes to be found. Skaneateles Lake in particular is among the ranks of the cleanest lakes in the world. Travelers will also find award winning wineries scattered throughout the lakes here. For those who may not be as much into scenic locations as others, but still prefer to be green, head towards the city of Syracuse where they will find Destiny USA. This shopping mall is the largest “green” shopping mall in the world! It has also been LEED certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Portland, Oregon has been designated “America’s Greenest City” for the second year in a row, so naturally, it would be a great idea to visit for a green vacation. Portland is a very bike-friendly community! Why not get a little exercise, go green, and sightsee all at the same time, right? Travelers will enjoy places like the Saturday Market, Lan Su Chinese Garden, and the Oregon Zoo.

As you can see, being green during your trip does not have to be difficult. With a bit of preparation before your trip and some Earth friendly decisions during, you can be sure that you will have a great time and leave a very small carbon footprint in the process.

13 dhj 2010

Environmentally friendly online auto insurance shopping

Unless you happened to live in a compact city nation like Singapore where public transport is super efficient and you can get from anywhere in Singapore to anywhere else (in Singapore) by MRT (Mass Rapid Transport), you very likely needs an automobile. This would be particularly true of sprawling USA where an automobile is almost a life essential like air and water.

An automobile have been likened to a weapon by someone. It can maim, it can kill, it can destroy properties if wrongly or carelessly used. It is thus no surprise that every country under the sun makes a valid auto insurance as a prerequisite for allowing a vehicle to be used on public roads.

Purchasing insurance used to be a hassle especially if you are an incorrigible bargain hunter shopping for the best deal. But good news for you. Now with the Internet, you can easily compare the best auto insurance online from the comforts of your home. Any wonder if the Internet had been named as the invention of the century?

12 mar 2010

Boothsbay Harbor, Maine, USA

Boothbay Harbor Maine is a small town located in the Lincoln County, Maine, United States with a small population of 2,000 plus residents. However, during the summer months, the entire Boothbay Harbor region is transformed into a very popular yachting and tourist destination.

Among the places of interest of Boothbay Harbor are the Boothbay Harbor Opera House, Boothbay Region Historical Society & Museum, Burnt Island Light, Maine State Aquarium and the
Boothbay Railway Village.

For those who live to eat, perhaps of greater interest is the Boothbay Harbor Dining which serves the famous Maine lobsters as well as other fresh seafood newly caught from the surrounding waters.

And if you don't know where Boothsbay Harbor is, here is the....

Location map of Boothsbay Harbor, Maine, USA

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23 shk 2010

Security environment in Florida and California

I have heard that the security environment in Florida and California is deteriorating with more petty crimes and more serious house break-in's happening everyday. Being concerned with the safety of my family, if I ever move my whole family over to US, I am seriously considering installing home security or alarm to protect our home. Now I have seen the logo of ADT home security

ADT home security logo

on the facade of houses saying "This house is protected by ADT" or something to that effect, in my home country and is wondering if this little signboard is effective in deterring break-ins. I am not familiar with the security situation in Florida and California would like to find out if ADT in Florida and ADT in California are reliable providers of home security systems and if like in my home country, they not only provide the hardware for home security, they also have a central monitoring system by subscription whereby any alarm will trigger a call to their central monitoring system. Does these 2 providers of alarm systems also stick the "Secured by ADT" signboard on facades of houses to deter burglars from breaking into the house there too?

The economical and political situation in my home country is fast deteriorating with a horribly corrupt and power abusing Federal Government using patronage to stay in power and with practically all the key institutions like the judiciary, the police, the Anti-Corruption Agency, the Election Commission and many other government agencies compromised and not looking after the true interest of the general public. Many are thus seriously considering emigration while a huge chunk of the skilled and professional class have already being lost to our unfortunate country.

California and Florida are states with a climate similar to our country is also a popular destinations of emigrants. Like anyone else, we would like our family to be safe and protected. If you are from Florida or California, I hope you will tell us your truthful opinion of ADT in CA and ADT in FL and if you think ADT is a home security provider that you would recommend to emigrants by leaving a comment.

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25 sht 2009

Marikina shoe museum and Imelda Marcos shoe collection

Imelda Marcos, the Iron Butterfly
Photo of Imelda Marcos, the Iron Butterfly courtesy of Wikipedia

Have you ever been curious about the 2,720 pairs of shoes that Imelda Marcos left behind in Malacanang Palace when she and her husband were forced to flee the palace up the popular "People's Power" uprising. Curious about whether Kate spade shoes or shoes made by Michael Kors are included in her gargantuan shoe collection? If so, you should pay a visit to the Marakina Shoe Museum in the Philippines to find out.

Location map of Marikina Shoe Museum

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Among some few hundred pairs of her size 8 1/2 shoes on displayed at the Marikina Shoe Museum include one with gold trim, another studded with rhinestones and two pairs of knee-high boots. It is a good thing that the convenience of online shoe retailers wasn't available during those time she and her husband Ferdinand Marcos was in power or else there would be way more than just 2700 pairs of shoes abandoned by the Iron Butterfly.

The City of Marikina on Luzon Island, Philippines, is also know as the Shoe Capital of Philippines. At the Marikina shoe museum, you will not only get to view shoes worn by Imelda Marcos, you will also see shoes worn by dignitaries around the world.

17 jan 2009

What is special about Puerto Vallarta?

About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto is Spanish for Port, so Puerto Vallarta is obviously right beside the sea. Puerto Vallarta is thus Port Vallarta in English and in fact is a Mexican resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean's Bahía de Banderas (bahia is Spanish for bay). Puerto Vallarta is named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of Jalisco. Puerto Vallarta is a highly popular tourist destination.

What is special about Puerto Vallarta?

How about food? Puerto Vallarta is Mexico's gastronomic center and living here are some of the best chef around serving great Mexican and international cuisine. If you are a food gourmet, the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is during the 10 day annual International Gourmet Festival during which the world's best 20 guest chefs as well as the talented local chefs offer special tasting menus in 21 participating restaurants, cooking classes and wine tastings.

What else is special about Puerto Vallarta? Like some extreme sport? How about hanging yourself upside down and being whirled around to get your head spinning?

birdman of Puerto Vallarta
Photo of birdman of Puerto Vallarta is property of John Picken

Don't like dangerous sport? Puerto Vallerta is full of sculpture as you can see below:

Photo of sculpture is property of svonog

Photo of sculpture is property of wonderlane

Photo of man of fish is property of wonderlane

Photo of Puerto Vallarta angel is property of NetDiva

Along the beach at Puerto Vallarta you will also find beautiful sand sculpture like the one in the photo below:

Photo of birdman of is property of robinsonmay

Invest in Puerto Vallarta real estate?

Puerto Vallarta looks interesting enough for you to invest in Puerto Vallarta real estate? Then look for homes for sale in Puerto Vallarta.

Visit Puerto Vallarta

Or are you game for only Puerto Vallarta as a destination for your holidays? Then look for Real Estate for Rent in Puerto Vallarta

11 sht 2008

Carbon neutral private jet charter

Many some celebrities such as John Travolta have their own jet planes. Those celebrities and the rich who don't have their own planes may also go for Private Jet Charter. However, jet planes emit lots of green house gases which causes global warming.

Gulfstream 100 jet plane

It is increasingly clear that our world is experiencing global warming as shown by facts like melting of polar ice and receding snow lines in mountains like Mount Everest. In very recent time, for the first time in written history, one can sail through the Artic. What can be done about this?

Well, if they monied people can afford Private Jet Charter, they can definitely get a TerraPass which can help globe-trotting monied people reduce their carbon footprint at a fraction of what it cost them to enjoy the convenience and luxury of Private Flight. TerraPass is a social enterprise headquartered in San Francisco, California that provides carbon offsetting products to individuals and businesses. TerraPass has helped 1,080,269,026 lbs of CO2 (carbon dioxide). Let us hope more of the jet-setting celebrities and businessmen uses TerraPass


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