12 mar 2010

Boothsbay Harbor, Maine, USA

Boothbay Harbor Maine is a small town located in the Lincoln County, Maine, United States with a small population of 2,000 plus residents. However, during the summer months, the entire Boothbay Harbor region is transformed into a very popular yachting and tourist destination.

Among the places of interest of Boothbay Harbor are the Boothbay Harbor Opera House, Boothbay Region Historical Society & Museum, Burnt Island Light, Maine State Aquarium and the
Boothbay Railway Village.

For those who live to eat, perhaps of greater interest is the Boothbay Harbor Dining which serves the famous Maine lobsters as well as other fresh seafood newly caught from the surrounding waters.

And if you don't know where Boothsbay Harbor is, here is the....

Location map of Boothsbay Harbor, Maine, USA

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