25 sht 2009

Marikina shoe museum and Imelda Marcos shoe collection

Imelda Marcos, the Iron Butterfly
Photo of Imelda Marcos, the Iron Butterfly courtesy of Wikipedia

Have you ever been curious about the 2,720 pairs of shoes that Imelda Marcos left behind in Malacanang Palace when she and her husband were forced to flee the palace up the popular "People's Power" uprising. Curious about whether Kate spade shoes or shoes made by Michael Kors are included in her gargantuan shoe collection? If so, you should pay a visit to the Marakina Shoe Museum in the Philippines to find out.

Location map of Marikina Shoe Museum

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Among some few hundred pairs of her size 8 1/2 shoes on displayed at the Marikina Shoe Museum include one with gold trim, another studded with rhinestones and two pairs of knee-high boots. It is a good thing that the convenience of online shoe retailers wasn't available during those time she and her husband Ferdinand Marcos was in power or else there would be way more than just 2700 pairs of shoes abandoned by the Iron Butterfly.

The City of Marikina on Luzon Island, Philippines, is also know as the Shoe Capital of Philippines. At the Marikina shoe museum, you will not only get to view shoes worn by Imelda Marcos, you will also see shoes worn by dignitaries around the world.

17 jan 2009

What is special about Puerto Vallarta?

About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto is Spanish for Port, so Puerto Vallarta is obviously right beside the sea. Puerto Vallarta is thus Port Vallarta in English and in fact is a Mexican resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean's Bahía de Banderas (bahia is Spanish for bay). Puerto Vallarta is named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of Jalisco. Puerto Vallarta is a highly popular tourist destination.

What is special about Puerto Vallarta?

How about food? Puerto Vallarta is Mexico's gastronomic center and living here are some of the best chef around serving great Mexican and international cuisine. If you are a food gourmet, the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is during the 10 day annual International Gourmet Festival during which the world's best 20 guest chefs as well as the talented local chefs offer special tasting menus in 21 participating restaurants, cooking classes and wine tastings.

What else is special about Puerto Vallarta? Like some extreme sport? How about hanging yourself upside down and being whirled around to get your head spinning?

birdman of Puerto Vallarta
Photo of birdman of Puerto Vallarta is property of John Picken

Don't like dangerous sport? Puerto Vallerta is full of sculpture as you can see below:

Photo of sculpture is property of svonog

Photo of sculpture is property of wonderlane

Photo of man of fish is property of wonderlane

Photo of Puerto Vallarta angel is property of NetDiva

Along the beach at Puerto Vallarta you will also find beautiful sand sculpture like the one in the photo below:

Photo of birdman of is property of robinsonmay

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Visit Puerto Vallarta

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